S.S. Keewatin


The RJ and Diane Peterson Keewatin Foundation (formerly the RJ and Diane Peterson Great Lakes Foundation and Keewatin Museum) (Registered Charity 81676 3536 RR0001) are a historical facility responsible for a cherished multi use Canadian artifact.  We are custodians of a Canadian icon that has its roots in Port McNicoll, North Simcoe and Ontario as well as the greater country as a whole.  We are linked to Scotland in the United Kingdom and Michigan in the United States.  Our mission is to grow all participation and passion for the S.S. Keewatin to provide entertainment and education and ensure its long term viability while always being responsible and respectful of Keewatin’s heritage from the port and financially responsible for the funding necessary to operate .


TO:  have The S.S. Keewatin seen as one of Canada’s  must see historic destinations and to create a community park facility that is operated by and for the residents of Port McNicoll, Tay Township, the Region and visitors from the world.

TO: be considered a “must see” event on the calendar of activities for tourists, students and residents of Ontario.

TO: be seen as the ultimate Historic destination experience, by which all other marine historical venues and educational/tourism offerings are measured.

TO: be a financially viable organization, owning an incredible facility in a park, successfully managing its annual operating costs and contributing each year to an endowment fund greater than one year of operating costs.

TO: always be responsible for building a knowledge base of early Canada and in particular transportation both land and sea that led to Confederation and the growth of Canada. We strive to be recognized as the custodian that is responsible for passing this icon of Canadian history on from generation to generation.

TO: expand visitor frequency from a traditional one day activity to a regular site to visit.  The Keewatin will be full of activities and learning experiences celebrating not just Great Lakes transportation of the 19th and 20th centuries but as a learning experience that showcases Canada and Simcoe North as the great country it is!


To be recognized as a role model charitable organization in governance, sponsorship and financial strength and the ultimate marine based historic entertainment experience by which all other similar venues are measured.

To be the creator and custodian of generations of dreams and memories that will be enhanced by expanding  Keewatin into a “living facility”, run by a dedicated community for the benefit of all.

To  provide the local community with a venue for celebration and various events that will reinforce the values and traditions of Port McNicoll as a historic town.