S.S. Keewatin

We have strong bonds with Govan in Glasgow, Scotland where Keewatin was built by Fairfield Shipyards on the river Clyde; Saugatuck in Michigan, USA where she was saved and retired by Tower Marine on Kalamazoo Lake; and, of course, Port McNicoll, Ontario, Canada where she was operated by CP Ships and has taken on a new life in the hands of Friends of Keewatin.

And we have bonds with Montreal, Quebec, the headquarters of the Canadian Pacific Railway and Keewatin’s port of registration; Levis, Quebec  where Keewatin was separated for transit, and Buffalo, New York where she was reassembled.

Fairfield Shipyards – Govan  – Glasgow – Scotland – UK
Fairfield Shipbuilding and Engineering Offices, GOVAN WORKSPACE LTD.
Website http://www.fairfieldgovan.co.uk/heritage/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fairfieldgovan
Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fairfield_Shipbuilding_and_Engineering_Company

Canadian Pacific Railway – Montreal & Levis, Quebec and Buffalo, New York
More to come.

CP Ships – Owen Sound & Thunder Bay (Fort William / Port Arthur) – Ontario – Canada
Owen Sound Municipal Website: https://www.owensound.ca/
Thunder Bay Municipal Website: http://www.thunderbay.ca/

Tower Marine – Saugatuck/Douglas – Michigan – USA
Tower Marine Website: http://www.towermarine.com/
Saugatuck/Douglas Tourism Website: http://www.saugatuck.com/
Saugatuck Municipal Website: http://www.saugatuckcity.com/
Douglas Municipal Website: http://www.ci.douglas.mi.us/

Friends of Keewatin – Port McNicoll – Tay Township – Ontario – Canada
Port McNicoll on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/61683315861/
Tay Township Heritage: https://taytownshipheritage.wordpress.com/
Tay Township Website: http://www.tay.ca/
North Simcoe Tourism Website: http://gbay.ca/
Simcoe County Website: http://www.simcoe.ca/