S.S. Keewatin


Our values reflect the things that we believe in as an organization and serve as a foundation for all we do.  There are four values that best define The S.S. KEEWATIN FACILITY.

We are an organization that executes with excellence in the field of historical entertainment.  We are clearly aware of our role as a custodian of an iconic symbol of Canada’s past.  We are decisive and responsible and committed to creating a strong foundation of financial independence for the future. We also recognize the value of the location where Keewatin sits as an important place in a historic town and will provide an environment for celebration through events and community involvement opportunities throughout the year.

We treat all stakeholders with respect and dignity and recognize the incredible contribution of all our volunteers.  We overtly recognize and appreciate all the support organizations that make this historic venue possible.  We take nothing for granted and work diligently to appreciate all contributions.

We welcome all who seek to participate in “The Friends of the Keewatin”.  We actively listen to every stakeholder’s point of view.  We strive to reflect the diversity of the community we serve.

We communicate clearly and proactively and always respond to the issues and concerns of our stakeholders.  We seek to be open, transparent and available to all request or enquiries.


There are six strategic pillars which define key strategic direction for the future.

1.    Finance and Admin Priorities.

2.    Sales and Sponsorship.

3.    Engineering, Restoration and Preservation.

4.    Marketing and Communications.

5.    Education, Special Events and Visitor Experience.

6.    Organizational Excellence.

Each of these pillars is supported by strategic imperatives outlining a series of tactics employed to support the pillar. Team members are equal contributors who’s views and representations are based on real time experience in the operation of KEEWATIN.