S.S. Keewatin

We appreciate your help in protecting this 108 year old treasure with state-of-the art technology. Contributions are welcome in any amount, and may be made online here, by postal mail, or in person at the ship.

The Donate button below will take you to a form with the Purpose of the donation set to “New Security System Fund” at the top of the page.

We use PayPal as our secure payment clearing agency. You are not obliged to create or use a PayPal account. Donations may be made using either your Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Discover credit card account (left side of page) or your PayPal account (right side of page).

1. Enter the amount of your donation at the top of the form.
2. Select your method of payment and complete and submit the form.
3. Review your donation. You can Add special instructions through a drop-down text entry box. Please click the link to open the box and use it to include the name of the donor as you wish to have it publicly recognized. Then click the Donate Now button to complete the donation.

Postal Mail
Donations may also be made by postal mail. Please make cheques payable to “Friends of Keewatin” with a reference to the “New Security System Fund”. (Please do not send cash through the mail.) Please also indicate the name of the donor as you wish to have it publicly recognized. Mail to:

Friends of Keewatin
PO Box 189
Port McNicoll, ON
L0K 1R0

In Person
And of course donations are welcome made in person at the ship, in cash, or by cheque, credit card or debit card:
S.S. Keewatin
311 Talbot St.
Port McNicoll, ON
L0K 1R0

Update: September 25, 2015.
The system is in and working. Now all we have-to do is pay for it.  🙂 

The good news is that, thanks to research, negotiating, and hours and hours of volunteer labour, the total cost will be around $10,000 rather than the $30,000 we originally estimated. Still a lot of money we don’t have!

Thanks for your help!

Olimometer 2.52 Thanks to our

● Kenneth Stephen
● Roy and Gail Ecker
● Renate Schuch
● The Silver C’s of Owen Sound
● Kathy Allen
● Susan Carter
● Port Festival Doners
● Wayne and Pat McKee
● Keith Kitchener
● Mr. & Ms. John A. Read
● CES: Chris, Tina & David