S.S. Keewatin


The Keewatin is location off Highway 12 is just 8 kilometers from Highway 400 and 20 minutes north of Barrie.  We have parking for 300 cars and can accommodate drop offs of passengers from coaches at the gang plank with adjacent parking for coaches.  We have full washroom facilities located near the ship and a well-appointed gift shop which carries all locally acquired products and items.  Our site is located at the bottom of Talbot Street on the right hand side.  A map is shown elsewhere in this email.

Port McNicoll was called the CHICAGO of the NORTH when all the CPR Great Lakes fleet and countless other freighters would call to load and unload grain and passengers from 1912 until 1965. It had a Grand Hotel, restaurants, stores and a curling rink as well as all the amenities found in any boom town. The ships were met by a huge rail facility that connected the port with the larger markets in Toronto and Montreal. The grain elevator that dominated the bay was the second largest in the world. Alas, most of this infrastructure like the ships are gone, and many of the inhabitants left as well when the CPR decided to end Great Lakes shipping services. SKYLINE INVESTMENTS is changing all of that. Port McNicoll will once again be a destination for pleasure craft to use its state of the art Marina, the Mighty Keewatin will grace its waterfront as a living museum, restaurant and theatre, a luxury hotel is planned and a community of homes is being built on the 1,200 acre site. Welcome to Port McNicoll.

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