S.S. Keewatin

S.S. Keewatin sat idle in a port in Michigan for 45 years, serving as a local attraction. Although lovingly cared-for by her owner and a team of volunteers, time and the elements took their toll, and the ship was in serious need of restorative work by the time she reached Port McNicoll in 2012.

The roots of Keewatin, Assiniboia, and their sisters in the CP Great Lakes fleet run deep in Port McNicoll, and many people outside the “crew family” have been motivated to support the project as well, with time and expertise. We’ve been fortunate to muster a small army of volunteers, many with unique skills. In addition, the area is strong in machining skills and resources, and several companies have helped out when we’ve needed help. Nearly all the funds raised through tours, and other forms of donation in the last three years, have gone to pay for materials and outside services.

The pages which follow chronicle some of our more recent projects.

Updated April 4, 2015