S.S. Keewatin


This Saturday October 22, a dozen sailors will come together to move Keewatin from her spot on the dock in Port McNicoll at 311 Talbot Street, back 150 feet into what will become the Port McNicoll Yacht Club.

In July 2015, the Government of the day in Canada announced a grant of $480,000 to be matched by Skyline Investments to be used to restore the 1912 dock and it’s facing as the beginning of a new Park and a new home for Keewatin. Work will begin at about noon, and will continue until Keewatin is snug and secure so heavy construction can start Monday.

The project is scheduled to be finished by Christmas with landscaping to follow in the spring.

Keewatin came back to Canada, sponsored by SKYLINE on June 23 2012 at 2:30 in the afternoon. The 109 year old vessel that worked out of Port McNicoll was sold to American owners in 1967 and on June 23 1967 at 2:30 in the afternoon she left for 45 years as a museum ship.

Keewatin is the last of the Edwardian steamers built in the United Kingdom between 1900 and 1920. Out of over 3800 ships, Keewatin alone is left to show the glory days of steamships like Titanic and The Empress of Ireland.

This grant is in aid of the salute to Canada for her 150th year as a country, a country Keewatin was involved in building as she carried farm immigrants and their belongings up the lakes to Fort William.

Keewatin is operated by the Friends of Keewatin, a Charitable foundation staffed by volunteers.