S.S. Keewatin

This unique corporate sponsorship opportunity represents one of only a few remaining like it, not only in Canada, but indeed the world. This is a true win/win/win situation. It’s a win for the preservation of Canada’s heritage. It’s a win for the Community of Midland/Port McNicoll and it’s an unrivalled corporate advertising opportunity now and into the years ahead.

The funding for sponsorship as described below is $10,000 CND. The “Friends of Keewatin” that will administer the funds is a not for profit organization and as such a tax receipt will be issued. The official name of the organization is the “RJ and Diane Peterson Great Lakes Foundation and Keewatin Museum.” Registered Charity Number/CRA number 81676 3536 RR001.

Seventy thousand visitors a year will know who has stood behind the preservation of the S.S. Keewatin’s legacy. Keewatin is also used for photo shoots and film productions the last of which was the season opener for CBC’s Murdoch Mysteries.

Since the return of the “Kee” in June of 2012 over 1 million dollars, 120 volunteers and 75,000 man hours have gone into the restoration of the glorious ship. Canadian corporations have already stepped up to meet the present restoration needs of the Keewatin. Ongoing renovations requiring several million dollars will be going toward continued restoration of this valuable treasure. What remains to be done are all of the small detail items such as the grand lady’s lifeboats.

Since 1965 the 45 man boats have sat idle catching the rain, snow and winds at a bend in the Kalamazoo River in southern Michigan. Ten in all, they have rusted to the point where the bottoms have fallen out of most. Right now the Keewatin welcomes visitors but without her lifeboats on her top deck she really isn’t complete. Plus the boats need to be sitting in their davits to protect top deck visitors from venturing too close to the edge!

All sponsors will receive a Keewatin Lifeboat at 1/1200 scale handcrafted by Peter Rudy in 2013

A few corporate patrons have already stepped up to get this important work under way. They have matched  the requested sponsorship of $10,000 per lifeboat to undertake the work. The work is being professionally handled by volunteers, many of whom worked in the area ship yards and for Canadian Pacific. As completed the boats will be returned to their rightful place on the upper deck and corporately identified by name/logo on the bow and remain so in perpetuity.

To find out more about the Lifeboat Sponsorship and other ways
you can support S.S. Keewatin, please contact:

Eric Conroy
President & CEO
Friends of Keewatin

Please use the form to the right.

Or, call 1 (855) 533-9284 (1855KEEWATIN)

Or, contact us via Postal Mail:
PO Box 189
Port McNicoll, ON
L0K 1R0

Cheques should be made payable to “Friends of Keewatin”.

Registered Charity Number/CRA number 81676 3536 RR001.