S.S. Keewatin

captain2Captain Rick is the person who brought the SS Keewatin back to Canada. But, just who is Captain Rick? He was born in 1945 in Toronto Ontario and grew up in Willowdale, once a suburb but now part of that great city. At 17 he began working on the SS KEEWATIN and her sister ship SS ASSINIBOIA as a waiter in 1963 and1964.

His great life experiences during this time made especially the SS KEEWATIN, an important part of who he became and what he accomplished in his life. He was a high school teacher, a promotions salesman, an advertising executive, a restaurant owner, founded a chain of automotive stores, worked as the General Manager for the Canadian National Exhibition, consulted on Public Affairs with the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police, founded and ran the largest children’s magazine in Canada and spent 29 years as a volunteer for Toronto’s famous Santa Claus Parade selling sponsorships. He is a distinguished member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Mess in Ottawa, a Life Honourary member of the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police and holds an Order of Bulgaria, an RCMP Challenge medal and The Queens’s Diamond Jubilee medal.

He is married to a woman he refers to as The Scottish Lady and has two grown children. He retired in June of 2011 to take on the challenge of purchasing the Keewatin for Skyline Investments and managing the huge job of arranging to bring Keewatin Home, establishing her as a profitable “not for profit charitable foundation” and organizing her volunteer support group, Friend of The Keewatin. His real name is Eric Conroy, but uses “Captain Rick” as a job title since it is difficult to go from waiter to Captain without all the steps in between, but this allows him to play the part of the Captain, a role he will someday pass on to someone else as their job title.

Capt Rick publishes a blog regularly detailing the events surrounding Keewatin and her development and you can join up to receive this blog at www.drone-on.com

The Keewatin Captains Include:

James Gillies – 1907
Edward Black Anderson – 1907
Alexander Brown – 1908
Malcolm McPhee – 1909-1929
Francis James Davis – 1930-1938
John Parker Pearson – 1939-1941
Joseph Bishop – 1941-1946
Reginald Walter Jarman – 1947-1951
Robert Mitchell – 1951-1953
Ernest H. Ridd – 1954-1956
Alexander Campbell – 1957-1965