S.S. Keewatin

S.S. Keewatin’s appointments make her a memorable venue for a variety of smaller events. We have hosted:
* Private Tours and Group Tours
* Service Club and Social Group Meetups
* Birthday and Anniversary Surprise Meetups
* Weddings
* Wedding Guest Tours
* Wedding Party Photo Shoots
* Renewal of Vows
* Funerals
* Celebrations of Life

There are a few constraints:
* Keewatin is permanently docked at Port McNicoll Harbour Park. Her boilers, which were coal-fired, have been decommissioned. She does not, and cannot, sail.
* She is neither heated nor air conditioned, and has no working plumbing on board. Washrooms are nearby. No food or drink is permitted on board.
* We are open only during “Cottage Season”… approximately the Victoria Day Weekend through Thanksgiving Day (see our annual schedule for dates and times).
* We are open to the public and conduct guided tours every day in season, so that generally private events cannot begin prior to 4 pm.
* At least one member of our team must be present at your event (at least one other will be on-site in a supervisory capacity).

We ask for a donation: here is an example:
* $350 for a decorated ceremony and shoot (2.5  hrs, up to 50 people)
* $300 for a larger ceremony and shoot (2 hrs, up to 50 people)
* $250 for a small ceremony and shoot (1.5 hrs, up to 20 people)
* $150 for a photo shoot only (1.0 hr, up to 12 people)

We’d love to discuss the location and features (fixtures, properties) on the ship that are important to your event. A free consultation is provided… suggested for shoots, required for ceremonies.

To discuss or arrange an event, please use the form to the right, email yourevent@sskeewatin.com, or call (toll free) 1 (855) 533-9284 Ext 815.