S.S. Keewatin

Teacher-Supervised Student Group Tours are offered on a prearranged basis at special rates to certified schools of learning. The Combined Tour includes both the Upper Decks and Engine Room, and takes approximately 90 minutes.

Our Guided Tours are conducted in groups of 15 persons maximum, and we request a minimum of 1 Supervising Adult accompany each group of 14 Students (or less). (Your tours will complete at approximately the same time: we can launch up-to 3 Combined Tours simultaneously.)

* Monday – Friday, between, but not including:
– Victoria Day and Canada Day
– Labour Day and Thanksgiving Day

* minimum 14 Students and 1 Supervising Adult
* tour arranged at least 14 days in advance

* $2.50 per Student under 16; $5.00 per Student 16+; $15.00 per Supervising Adult
* HST is applicable, and included

* cash, card, or cheque made out to “Friends of Keewatin”
* submitted on arrival

Entry and exit is by a 7.5 m (25 ft.) ramp with a 13.5° slope. Upper Decks tours present all 3 stories of this century-old 105 m (350 ft) long ship, from the vantage point of both passengers and crew: there is a 13 step staircase between each floor. The Combined tour adds the Engine Room tour: access is via a 26 step staircase (with a landing at mid-point) to the hold.

Visitors are not permitted to bring pets onto the ship or the adjacent parking pad. Pets are permitted, on a leash, with an Adult attendant, on the remainder our grounds, while others in the same visitor group visit the ship. There are three park-like (grassed and treed) areas with picnic benches suitable for this purpose. We do not provide water, drinking bowls, or waste containers: please cleanup after your pet.

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For more information, or to arrange a Student Tour, please use the Contact Us form to the right of this page.

Revised August 11, 2016