Friends of Keewatin is the popular name for the RJ and Diane Peterson Keewatin Foundation (Registered Charity 81676 3536 RR0001) named for the Michigan couple who saved the S.S. Keewatin from the wreckers in 1967.

Friends of Keewatin is headed by a Chief Executive Officer working with a small Board of Management as a “brains trust”. The CEO is also President, and the Board of Management is comprised of a Management Team, which works with the coordination of a General Manager to operate the S.S. Keewatin as an historical attraction.

Friends of Keewatin is comprised of Volunteers. Those few who are also employees are paid nominally, and currently include one full-time, one part-time, and two temporary / part-time managers. Some services are contracted out. The backbone of Friends of Keewatin is unpaid volunteers: at the end of the 2017 season active volunteers numbered in excess of seventy.

You’ll find the charity registration of the RJ and Diane Peterson Keewatin Foundation on the Canada Revenue Agency website, including financial reporting.

Click the image above to download a 10 MB PDF of our Complete Presentation to the Town of Midland.

Contact Information
Location: 311 Talbot St., Port McNicoll, ON  L0K 1R0
Postal Mail: PO Box 189, Port McNicoll, ON  L0K 1R0
Telephone: +1 (855) 533-9284

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