What’s Going On?

S.S. Keewatin was repatriated to Port McNicoll in 2012 by Skyline, which promised to donate her to the community, forming our charity to restore, operate and receive her. As a result, hundreds of volunteers donated tens of thousands of hours to that momentous task, under the direction of a project manager employed by Skyline.

In 2018 Skyline made our charity’s board independent, and applied to Canadian Heritage to have the ship designated a Category B institution on behalf of the charity. However, rather than fulfill the requirements indicated by Canadian Heritage during review of the application in 2019, Skyline inexplicably refused, and the application was declined.

Now Skyline has announced its intention to donate the ship to a different organization in a location with no historical connection to S.S. Keewatin or the CP Upper Great Lakes Fleet. We don’t think that’s right!

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How Can You Help?

Until now our income has been based almost exclusively on admission to tours of the ship, which we’ve operated as an historical attraction since 2012. However, like most attractions, S.S. Keewatin did not open to visitors in 2020, and as a result we need your financial, practical and moral support to survive.

A. Donate to our Cause
100% (less a processing fee) goes to our charity.

B. Buy Memorabilia
100% (less a processing fee) goes to our charity.
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C. Purchase Commemorative Items
The net proceeds (13% – 20%) go to our charity.
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