Want to make a real difference? Join our cause! Volunteer.

Below is a partial list of current volunteering opportunities. Please review them and the instructions which follow, and then complete and send the form on the right and we’ll be in-touch. Be sure to include your phone number.

Work On-board


  • Pianist (skilled)
  • Tour Guide (we train)
  • Gift Shop / Admissions (we train)

MAINTENANCE (we train)

  • Housekeeping (vacuuming, dusting, polishing)



  • Fabric (clothing repair / sewing skills needed)
  • Wood (fine woodworking/finishing skills needed)
  • Upholstery (re-upholstery and upholstery repair)


  • Interior Painting (“cut-in” skills needed)


  • Marine-grade Repair / Renovation (carpentry)

RENEWAL (certified / licensed)


  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Electrical Engineer

Work from home.

MARKETING & COMMUNICATIONS (your skills, our training)

  • Volunteer Recruitment & Coordination (experienced)
  • Event Organization / Management / Staffing (experienced)
  • Group Tour Promotion / Coordination (customer service and digital skills)
  • Research Website Construction (a .org site for building membership/community)

Work from home. and Travel.


Public Speaking

  • Advocate / Story-Teller (public speaker) (we train)

We welcome anyone who wants to contribute. Volunteering especially appeals to those who are retired.

Some retirees like to do what they used to do while they worked. Others like to do what they always wanted to do once they retired. (And sometimes those are one in the same.)

What would you like to do? How much time would you like to contribute? What can you tell us about yourself that would help us suggest what you’d take pleasure-in and satisfaction-from? Please complete and send the form on the right and we’ll go from there. Don’t forget your phone number.